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Sooner or later, everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson


December 20, 2022, was supposed to be a pre-trial hearing, but as I was expecting to happen so much earlier in this case, her attorney dropped her. He got a new job, but nevertheless, he dropped her, and the court had to appoint a new attorney for her. We had gone through so much to get here, and now it seemed as if we were starting all over again. Thankfully the judge didn't feel that it was necessary to have the next court date extend way into the future, so it was set for January 17, 2023. I felt frustrated and helpless, but I was determined that justice will be served for my dad. I think I am even more committed after seeing the defendant walk away from the bench after a new attorney was appointed and another date set, and she had this smug smirk on her face. It took all I had not to slap that look off her face right then and there, but I know that in the end, justice will prevail.

January 17, 2023, was a status hearing, and at that time, the defendant appeared with her new attorney, and she is once again trying to say she needs to talk to an immigration attorney since this will affect her status. The ADA said something to the effect that the defendant has previously said that she has spoken with an immigration attorney, so the state will object to anything related to that reason for a continuance or resetting of a date, etc. So, the January 30, 2023 trial date was canceled, and another status hearing is scheduled for February 22, 2023, at which time I pray that a trial date will be set and it will not be changed again.

My dad's death may have been due to coronary artery disease and Alzheimer's, but I know in my heart the timing of it was sped up due to the defendant's actions, and I know that he deserves justice. I hope that one day the defendant will be held accountable for the consequences of her actions so that she can experience what it is like to sit down at the banquet of consequences. Until then, I will continue to fight for my father's justice, and I know that justice will be served.



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